popcorn reimagined

crafted with care and dedication from a small kitchen in oahu, our unique non-gmo popcorn is thoughtfully prepared with the most delicious premium ingredients

we present to you what can only be described as an incomparable savory vegan snack that everyone can enjoy!

from our kitchen to yours, keep it poppin’ 


so delicious and addicting. for those who love truffle, you have to try! the moment i opened the bag, i was assaulted by the intoxicating scent. each kernel is an explosion of savory umami in your mouth! it must be truffle fairy magic...

Wendy K.

i honestly don’t think i can go a week without my fix...

Sydney M.

truffle&pop. has literally changed the popcorn game entirely! who doesn’t like truffle and cheese?! this is by far my favorite popcorn now. total game changer!

Abbey M.

i have to hide my bags from my family! everyone needs to get their own bag. we have fought over this popcorn way too many times 😂

Lysa P.

oh my gosh this is so addicting, i almost ate the whole bag already!!

Chauntel D.

the magic of...

our ingredients

farmers markets

local stores

shipped right to your doorstep